Irresistible (2006) (Blu-ray)

Umbrella EntertainmentSKU: DAVID4742_OR
Edition: Slipcase
Sale price $44.95 AUD
Release Date:  04 September 2024

  • NEW! Slipcase artwork by Ben Turner
  • NEW! Audio Commentary with Writer/Director Ann Turner and Producer Sue Maslin
  • NEW! IRRESISTIBLE Location Shoot with Paul Hagl
  • Behind the Scenes featurette with cast and crew
  • Trailer

  • Disc type: Blu-ray
    No. of discs: 1
    Running time: 103
    Audio format: 2
    Format: 1080P
    Colour: COLOUR
    Languages: English
    Aspect ratio: 16:9
    Image ratio: 2.35:1
    Subtitles: English
    Year of Production: 2006
    Release Date: 04 September 2024


    The star-studded Australian psychodrama IRRESISTIBLE, from Umbrella's brand new restoration, with an all-star cast of Susan Sarandon (Thelma and Louise, Stepmom), Emily Blunt (The Devil Wears Prada, Oppenheimer) and Sam Neill (Jurassic Park, Peaky Blinders), IRRESISTIBLE is a moody, all-consuming thriller.

    Australian writer-director Ann Turner’s final feature film, IRRESISTIBLE is a Hitchcockian thriller that proves Turner’s skill in subverting genre and surprising audiences.

    Sophie Hartley (Sarandon) is convinced that she is being stalked. She becomes increasingly certain that her husband''s beautiful co-worker, Mara (Blunt), wants her children, her husband and her life. But no one believes Sophie. Forced to prove her sanity, Sophie grows increasingly paranoid - but is she imagining things? Sophie becomes completely caught up in her obsession, turning stalker herself - and makes a discovery more frightening than her worst fear.

    Director: Ann Turner

    Cast: Emily Blunt; Sam Neill; Susan Sarandon

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