Mad Monster Party? (Blu-Ray) (1967)

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  • NEW! 2023 colour-corrected master in correct aspect ratio of 1.85:1 and also alternate full frame 1.33:1.
  • NEW! Audio Commentary by Rick Goldschmidt (historian/biographer for Rankin/Bass Studios)
  • NEW! Introduction by Rick Goldschmidt.
  • NEW! Easter Egg
  • NEW! RANKIN/BASS Trailer Collection
  • IT'S SHEER ANIMAGIC! featurette
  • 2 Sing-Alongs
  • Stills and Poster Gallery
  • Original Theatrical Trailer

  • Disc type: Blu-ray
    No. of discs: 1
    Running time: 95
    Audio format: 2.0 Mono DTS-HD MA
    Format: 1080P
    Colour: COLOUR
    Languages: English
    Aspect ratio: 16:9
    Image ratio: 1.85:1
    Subtitles: English HOH
    Year of Production: 1967
    Release Date: 24 May 2023


    Filmed in the revolutionary stop-motion process, “Animagic”, this beloved cult classic is presented in an all-new colour-corrected master from the original 35mm vault materials.

    Full of goofball gags and all kinds of horror movie puns… Mad Monster Party is as silly as it wants to be, and as silly as it should be, and going along with it makes me want to be silly, too.
    - DVD TALK

    From the studios of Rankin/Bass (creators of the timeless kid’s classics Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman) comes this frighteningly funny Holiday monster bash!

    After discovering an anti-matter formula for total world annihilation, Baron Von Frankenstein (voiced by legendary horror icon Boris Karloff) decides it’s time to retire from the monster-making business. But first he must invite all the card-carrying members of THE WORLDWIDE ORGANIZATION OF MONSTERS to the Isle of Evil – and inform this group of ghouls who will inherit his horrific legacy.

    When he announces that his human nephew, the mild-mannered soda jerk Felix, will be his successor, the monsters are mortified – and bumbling goofball Felix soon discovers that the entire guest list – including Count Dracula, the Wolf Man, the Mummy, the Invisible Man, Dr Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, the Monster’s Mate (voiced by outlandish comedy queen Phyllis Diller) and more – are all out to eliminate him!
    By the end of the party, who will be the last monster standing?

    Written and designed by two of MAD Magazine’s iconic ‘gang of idiots’, editor Harvey Kurtzman and legendary artist Jack Davis – and boasting infectious pop tunes courtesy of a Beatle-mop quartet of skeletons, Little Tibia and the Fibias – MAD MONSTER PARTY is guaranteed to “make everybody chuckle, the tots and their escorts, and even the monsters at heart” - THE NEW YORK TIMES

    Director: Jules Bass

    Cast: Allen Swift, Boris Karloff, Gale Garnett, Phyllis Diller

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