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Ad for Apostrophe album
Zappa and the Pig
Haskell Wexler on Frank Zappa and Uncle Meat 

Disc type: DVD
No. of discs: 1
Running time: 127
Audio format: 5.1 Dolby Digital
Format: NTSC
Colour: Colour
Languages: English
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Image ratio: 1.77.1
Subtitles: None
Year of Production: 2020
Release Date: 07 April 2021


Directed by Alex Winter (Bill of Bill & Ted, acclaimed maker of 'The Panama Papers', 'Deep Web' & more), 'Zappa' presents an intimate portrait of one of music's most important and iconoclastic figures, a man whose prolific and brilliant work changed music and the music industry for ever, & whose cultural impact - he even helped inspire a revolution in Czechoslovakia - was far-reaching & enduring. With unprecedented access to Zappa's archives, exclusive interview and eye-popping unseen live & behind-the-scenes footage, 'Zappa' will open your mind to the creativity & fearlessness of a man whose "worldview, art & politics"were, in Winter's words, "far ahead of their time, & profoundly relevant in our challenging times."

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