Umbrella EntertainmentSKU: DAVID4114
No. of discs: 1
Running time: 78
Audio format: Mono
Format: NTSC
Colour: COLOUR
Languages: English; French; German; Italian; Spanish
Aspect ratio: 16:09
Subtitles: Danish; Dutch; English; English HOH; Finnish; French; German; Italian; Norwegian; Spanish; Swedish
Year of Production: 1958
Release Date: 5/2/20
Extras: #NAME?

Sale price$9.95


The hunt is on for seven men. Seven murderous rogues who robbed a

Wells Fargo freight station of $20,000, killing a clerk in the process.

Ex-lawman Ben Stride (RANDOLPH SCOTT) is the man

determined to track down those seven men, for it was his beloved wife who was

murdered during the heist. During his quest, Stride encounters a struggling,

California-bound pioneering couple (WALTER REED, GAIL RUSSELL) as well as an

old nemesis, Masters (LEE MARVIN), with whom Stride

shares an uneasy alliance. All will find themselves

swept into the drama of Stride's search for frontier

justice. Guns blaze and deceptions abound in this

rugged drama, with Scott perfectly cast as the

stoic, no-nonsense Western hero.

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