After Braveheart

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Release Date: Dec 2015

Extras: None

Disc type: DVD
No. of discs: 1
Running time: 118
Audio format: 5.1
Format: PAL
Colour: Colour
Languages: English
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Image ratio: 1.77.1
Subtitles: None
Year of Production: 2015
Release Date: 02 December 2015


Having defeated their English oppressors at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314, the Scots still sought the freedom they deserved. In the wake of the 'Braveheart' victory, Scotland's king Robert Bruce and his brother Edward remained uneasy about the threat of a renewed English invasion. So they decided to invade Ireland and make Edward high king there in order to unite the Celtic nations and drive the hated English back to their homeland.

These intense historical events are explored in dramatic detail in the docu-drama After Braveheart, starring Clive Russell (Game of Thrones) as Robert Bruce, Douglas Russell (Valhalla Rising) as Edward Bruce and Stuart McMillan as the Scottish soldier Maon. Thoroughly researched and incorporating battle re-enactments, realistic location photography and historically accurate narration by Brian Cox (Braveheart), this program captures the raw brutality of one of greatest transformations in European history.

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