Cloak & Dagger Collector's Edition (+Pewter Figure +3D Poster +Lobby Cards) (1984)

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Release Date: Oct 2022

  • EXCLUSIVE! Pewter Jack Flack figurine
  • EXCLUSIVE! A 3D poster for your eyes only (viewing glasses included)
  • NEW! 8 Lobby cards from the scene of the crime
  • Limited Edition 3D O-ring
  • EXCLUSIVE! 16 page booklet with exclusive essay from Director Richard Franklin
  • NEW! Kiddie Hitchcock – interview featurette with writer Tom Holland
  • NEW! brief introduction by Tom Holland
  • NEW! Archival TV interviews
  • NEW! Archival making-of featurette
  • NEW! Behind-the-scenes footage accompanied by an audio interview with editor Andrew London
  • NEW! Select storyboard sequences
  • NEW! Stills and Poster gallery accompanied by an audio interview excerpt.
  • Audio commentary with writer Tom Holland moderated by Joe Lynch
  • 2001 interview with director Richard Franklin conducted by filmmaker Mark Hartley
  • Then and Now location featurette
  • 1983 Atari game spot
  • 1984 Audio interview with Richard Franklin
  • TV spots
  • Theatrical trailer

  • Disc type: Blu-ray
    No. of discs: 1
    Running time: 109
    Audio format: 2.0 DTS-HD MA
    Format: 1080P
    Colour: COLOUR
    Languages: English
    Aspect ratio: 16:9
    Subtitles: English HOH
    Year of Production: 1984
    Release Date: 05 October 2022


    LIMITED TO 250

    Only a true spy travels with genuine 35mm reels from the National Screen Service. That's why we're giving away a rare original 35mm Cloak & Dagger trailer reel! Every purchase of the Cloak & dagger Collector's Edition will go in the draw to win!

    Cloak & Dagger Collector's Edition is loaded with goodies for the discerning spy!

    • Your own pewter Jack Flack figurine to guide you
    • A 3D poster for your eyes only (viewing glasses included)
    • 8 Lobby cards from the scene of the crime
    • A 16 page booklet detailing how it all went down from director Richard Franklin
    • 3D limited O-ring

    “A CRACKERJACK SPY THRILLER… A MARVELOUS TIME.”- Bob Thomas, Associated Press. From the director and writer of PSYCHO II comes this beloved 80s “edge-of-the-seat adventure thriller” (Gannett News Service).

    11-year-old Davey Osborne (Henry Thomas) loves playing video games and acting out top-secret missions. But the spy game quickly turns from fantasy to reality when he stumbles into a real life adventure involving agents trying to sneak military secrets out of the country concealed in a video game cartridge. With professional hitmen moving in, and everyone thinking he’s still game-playing, Davey enlists the aid of his best friend, an imaginary super spy named Jack Flack (Dabney Coleman) to help him survive the high-stakes action and real bullets! But can he stay one step ahead of his murderous pursuers in this real life game of espionage? Boasting a star turn from Henry Thomas (straight from E.T.) and packed with Hitchcockian set pieces and Atari game action, CLOAK & DAGGER is a nostalgic thrill ride from first breathless frame to last. Umbrella Entertainment proudly presents this iconic kid-classic on blu-ray with an extensive dossier of never before seen (or heard) extras.

    Director: Richard Franklin

    Cast: Dabney Coleman; Henry Thomas

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