Umbrella EntertainmentSKU: DAVID3860
No. of discs: 1
Running time: 98
Audio format: 5.1
Region: TBC
Format: NTSC
Colour: COLOUR
Languages: English
Aspect ratio: 16:09
Subtitles: None
Year of Production: 2001
Release Date: 4/7/18
Extras: None

Sale price$9.95


Based on the short story by the undisputed master of the macabre - H. P. Lovecraft.
A boating accident off the coast of Spain sends Paul and his girlfriend to the dilapidated village of Imboca looking for help. As night falls people start disappearing and things not quite human begin to appear. Paul finds himself pursued by the entire town. Running for his life he uncovers Imobca's dark secret... the freakish half-human creatures that populate the town.
they pray to Dagon, monstrous God of the sea. All outsiders are sacrificed, the men skinned alive and the women offered as unwilling brides to bear Dagon's unholy offspring.

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