Feed Your Machine - Tote Bag

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Rep Umbrella with this 100% cotton high quality AS Color tote bag using a set of our vintage DAVID logos on one side and our retro tagline 'Feed Your Machine' on the other.

Umbrella's own walking and talking Umbrella logo called D(a)V(i)D used to get up to all sorts of mischief! Those who have followed our brand will recognise him from your DVD spines, when your movie started playing or if you bought one of our throwback VHS. From left to right

  • Standard DAVID
  • Music DAVID
  • Erotic DAVID
  • Aussie DAVID (it's a Hills Hoist!)
  • Horror DAVID
  • Music alt DAVID
  • Foreign DAVID

    Back in my day you had to find the remote to change the volume and pick your movie, none of this casting and streaming. We had to get up off the couch and feed the machine a new movie!

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