Felicity + Centrespread (Ozploitation Classics) Blu-Ray

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  • Audio commentary with Director John D. Lamond and star Glory Annen.
    Confessions of an R-Rated Movie Maker
  • Extended interviews from Not Quite Hollywood with John Lamond, Glory Annen and Gary Wapshott
  • Image gallery
  • Theatrical trailer


  • Behind The Centrespread
  • Interview with producer Greg Lynch 
  • Theatrical Trailer A
  • Theatrical Trailer B
  • Alternate UK cut
  • Image Gallery

No. of discs: 1
Running time: 176
Audio format: 2.0 DTS-HD MA
Region: ALL
Format: 1080p
Colour: Colour
Languages: English
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Subtitles: None
Year of Production: 1979, 1981
Release Date: 02 Jan 2019



Felicity (the gorgeous Glory Annen) is a sheltered teen who surrenders her blossoming body to a world of bold sexual adventure in this homegrown erotic sin-sation from sexy Ozploitation auteur John D. Lamond. From taboo-breaking pleasures at an all-girl Catholic school to wanton delights in the exotic underground of Hong Kong, come join Felicity as she finally liberates her libido in the Far East with the help of Penthouse pet and Bond girl Joni Flynn (Octopussy).
Hailed as Australia's most erotic screen odyssey and celebrated in the documentary Not Quite Hollywood, Felicity captures the sensual and sumptuous flavour of Bilitis, Emmanuelle and Story Of O in its classic tale of burgeoning sexuality and the ultimate search for forbidden ecstasy.
Director: John D. Lamond
Cast: Glory Annem, Joni Flynn
In a world at the brink of the 21st century, where strict social stratification is rigidly enforced, where spending power is related to social utility rather than to productivity, and the only manifestation of violence is in magazine pages, a photographer whose special talent is mixing violence and sex, is told to find a new girl whose freshness will rejuvenate the pages of the magazine. Gerard (Paul Trahair) not only fulfils his task but also rediscovers innocence and a world left behind by advancing technology when he uncovers Niki (Kylie Foster, Quigley Down Under). But love is not in the Editor's plans and he offers Niki a choice - stardom or the love of a redundant photographer....
The directorial debut of Tony Paterson (veteran Ozploitation editor behind Mad Max, Fantasm Comes Again and The Survivor) Centrespread depicts an ominous new society where old-fashioned love battles against sexual availability in a world invaded by rules, regulations and computer control.
Director: Tony Paterson
Cast: Paul Trahair, Kylie Foster

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