Fred F. Sears Double Feature : The Giant Claw (1957) & The Werewolf (1956) Blu-Ray

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Sale price $29.95 AUD
Release Date: Jun 2021

Extras: None

Disc type: Blu-ray
No. of discs: 1
Running time: 154 (74+ 80)
Audio format: 2.0 Mono DTS-HD MA
Format: 1080p
Colour: Black & White
Languages: English
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Image ratio: Various
Subtitles: None
Year of Production: 1957, 1956
Release Date: 02 June 2021


The Giant Claw (1956), 74 minutes
Engineer Mitch MacAfee (Jeff Morrow, Kronos) spots a UFO while directing a study at the North Pole. But when the Air Force arrives, they cannot find anything visually or on radar, throwing Mitch's reputation into doubt. Soon, though, many airplanes are reporting attacks by a UFO, which turns out to be a giant speeding bird from outer space. Along with mathematician Sally Caldwell (Mara Corday, Sudden Impact), Mitch tries to determine a way to stop the bird, which has a force field that renders all weapons useless.

Director: Fred F. Sears
Cast: Jeff Morrow, Mara Corday

The Werewolf (1957), 80 minutes
A stranger (Steven Ritch, Plunder Road) shows up in town, not knowing who he is or where he came from. When a local tough guy threatens him, the stranger’s anger comes out, and he turns into one of the most terrifying creatures of legend — the werewolf — killing the hooligan. As locals try to understand the unusual murder, we learn the origin of the werewolf, created by two diabolical doctors who gave the stranger an unusual serum. Meanwhile, the part-man, part-beast hides in the woods, trying not to let his curse hurt others.

Director: Fred F. Sears
Cast: Steven Ritch

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