Los Olvidados (World Classics Collection)

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Release Date: Apr 2019

Extras: Unedited ending

Disc type: DVD
No. of discs: 1
Running time: 77
Audio format: Mono
Format: NTSC
Colour: Black & White
Languages: Spanish
Aspect ratio: 4:3
Image ratio: 1.33:1
Subtitles: English
Year of Production: 1950
Release Date: 03 April 2019


A masterpiece from Luis Buñuel, the great surrealist director of Un Chien Andalou and Belle de Jour. The best known film of Buñuel's Mexican period, Los Olvidados (The Young and the Damned) looks unflinchingly at life in a festering Mexico City slum. A group of juvenile delinquents live a violent and crime-filled life. At the center of the story is Pedro, a young boy who struggles to be good, and Jaibo, a charismatic and ruthless older boy who has just been released from juvenile detention. Jaibo seeks revenge on Julian, who he suspects informed on him in the past. When the consequences are murder, Pedro tries desperately to free himself from the gang.

Full of offbeat images and symbolism, Buñuel mixes realism and surrealism in what is not only one of his most powerful films but also one of the greatest and most heart-wrenching films about poverty and childhood.

Director: Louis Buñuel

Cast: Estela Inda, Miguel Inclan

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